Aleksey Radchenko, Certified specialist in acupuncture
Svetlana Laputjko, Specialist in homeopathy
Psychotherapist Alexander Moshkin
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about us

Health Centre ROS - Be in good health at any age!

The main aim of the "ROS" Health Centre is to combine various medical approaches, both Eastern and Western, into one whole medicine. Ancient people called it the Art of Medical Treatment.
The ROS Health Centre has the status of the out-patient and Innovation Centre of the Latvian Association of Holistic Medicine and Naturopathy (LHMNA) under the auspices of the Latvian Medical Society (LAB).
The Centre has been in operation since 1995. During this time specialists from our country as well as from other countries of the world such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Mongolia, Lithuania, India and Philippines have worked and continue to work in our centre.
International innovative and research medical programmes are organized in partnership with specialists from Russia, Israel, German, Poland, Estonia and China. The ROS Health Centre and our personnel are known as active participators in organizing and holding international congresses, conferences and seminars on alternative medicine and fields related thereto in our country.
Medical center ROS for the 5 last years has been actively cooperated with international KOLO organisation in the medicine field, health technics and healthy lifestyle popularization.
The Centre is an official representative of BEMER equipment in Latvia!

Our goal is to help you be in good health!

For this reason we, specialists of different medical branches, have united in order to unite all the best traditions of Western and Eastern medicine - the best of official and alternative treatment methods. We have united all our experience, knowledge, skills and aspirations to help people.
For this purpose we have studied long and diligently and indeed continue to study and improve our skills.
To do this, many of us have declined other opportunities to improve ourselves in other fields - which probably would have made us richer and more famous.
As every person has his own road to follow.
Each of us has made his choice to help you – the people who need us.

President of firm
Alexander Moshkin

licenses un certificates
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Melno ķimeņu eļļa 100ml

8.80 €

Dabas produkts 

Auksti spiesta melno ķimeņu [Nigella Sativa (L.)] sēklu eļļa.

Sastāvs diennakts devā (2 tējkarotēm): auksti spiesta melno ķimeņu eļļa 100% - 10 ml.

Lietošana: pieaugušajiem – 1 tējkarote (5 ml) 1-2 reizes dienā 30 min. pirms ēšanas.

Lietošanas ierobežojumi: individuāla komponentu nepanesība.


Nepārsniegt ieteicamo diennakts devu!

Nelietot pēc derīguma termiņa beigām!

Uzglabāt istabas temperatūrā, bērniem nepieejamā vietā!

Neizmantot uztura bagātinātāju kā pilnvērtīga un sabalansēta uztura aizvietotāju!


Izcelsmes valsts: Vācija (Henry Lamotte GmbH) 



TIENS Holikans, 60 kapsulas x 0,35g

97.00 €

TIENS®  Grape seed extract capsules / Tjaņši holikāns- vīnogu ekstrakta kapsulas

Uztura bagātinātājs


Šis pārtikas produkts gatavots no Vīnogu sēklas ekstrakta, Cietes, Magnija stearāta, Askorbīnskābes,  izmantojot jaunākās tehnoloģijas.

Sastāvdaļas 2 kapsulās: vīnogu sēklas ekstrakts (Vitis vinifera) 325.5 mg, ciete 369.6 mg, pretsalipes viela magnija stearāts 2.8 mg, antioksidants askorbīnskābe 2.1 mg,  celulozes kapsula.

IDD* - Ieteicamā diennakts deva

Lietošana: 2 kapsulas dienā

Nepārsniegt ieteicamo diennakts devu.

Vadoša loma ķīniešu veselīga uztura veicināšanā.

Neizmantot uztura bagātinātāju kā pilnvērtīga un sabalansēta uztura aizvietotāju.

Uzglabāt bērniem nepieejamā, tumšā, vēsā vietā.

Izgatavošanas datums: skat uz pudeles apakšas

Izlietot 24 mēnešu laikā no izgatavošanas.

Ieteicams līdz: skatīt uz iepakojuma.


Ražotājs: ELADIET SA Elaborados Dieteticos S.A., Spānija


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