Aleksey Radchenko, Certified specialist in acupuncture
Svetlana Laputjko, Specialist in homeopathy
Psychotherapist Alexander Moshkin
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  News of medicine.  

The most interesting articles are presented  in this section, in our view, which we took away for you in a world spider web and sitting by dark winter evenings in libraries.

Anti-hepatitis medicine surprises
Great American Smokeout
Botanical Folk Medicines for Hypertension
Chair Yoga Vs Music Therapy for Dementia
Herbal supplement used to treat addiction and pain
Alcohol may be less harmful for people over 50
Experimental Ebola treatments effective in lab study
Sleep disorder predicts risk
People with osteoporosis should avoid spinal poses in yoga
Increased Risk of Harm from Cannabis
Reversing hearing loss by regrowing hairs
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