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   news News of medicine. 2011 | Archive
  News of medicine.  

The most interesting articles are presented  in this section, in our view, which we took away for you in a world spider web and sitting by dark winter evenings in libraries.

Recycled Paper Towels Had the Highest Bacterial Counts
Tai Chi Improves Balance Control
Acupuncture Flops as Relief for Muscle Pain
Funds dedicated to personalized genetics
WiFi may damage sperm quality
Acupuncture Is Safe in Children, Study Finds
San Rafael champion says Kung Fu saved his life
Neuron Number and Size of Children With Autism
China to launch massive survey on TCM resources
Yoga Eases Back Pain in Largest U.S. Yoga Study to Date
No link to cancer in large-scale mobile phone study
Electro-acupuncture boosts IVF success in study
Green Tea Helps Mice Keep Off Extra Pounds
Maker of cognitive training game seeks FDA approval
ADHD Natural Medicine Looking At A Homeopathic Remedy
Tai chi may lessen rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
Cardiologists Examine Alternatives to Halt High Blood Pressure
Anti-cancer virus shows promise
Filling without drilling
Tai Chi Helps Prevent Falls in The Elderly
Students Ace First Half 2011 NCCAOM Exams
Americans Are Flocking to Alternative Therapies
Indianapolis Billboard Compares Hot Dogs to Cigarettes
Acupuncture As Hormone Regulation Therapy
A Wise Man's Treatment for Arthritis: Frankincense?
347 Million Diabetics Counted Worldwide
Fake Fat Linked To Weight Gain
Tornado Victims Get Free Acupuncture
The Future of Ophthalmology
Tai Chi Appears to Benefit Quality of Life
Paralyzed Man Stands, Moves With Epidural Stimulation
Medicare to Run Dry in 2024
New EU regulations on herbal medicines come into force
Contradictory Evidence over Stress and Infertility
Acupuncture can treat hot flashes, study finds
Green Tea and Tai Chi Enhance Bone Health
Santa Barbara Goes Detox with Acupuncture
Antibiotic prescribing for discoloured sputum in acute cough
How Tansy May Be a Treatment for Herpes
Negative Emotions Surface As We Exert More Self Control
Meditech Technology Accurately Monitors Glucose Non-Invasively
Acupressure Effective in Helping to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury
Millions Of Overweight People Unaware Of Cardiometabolic Dangers
Findings challenge conventional wisdom of how neurons operate
Sex and violence linked in the brain
Acupuncture May Treat Premature Ejaculation
Global obesity rates have doubled since 1980
Protective Properties of Green Tea Uncovered
Would a placebo work for you?
IVF Breakthrough to Hit the World Market
Lazy Eye Relieved by Acupuncture
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