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Easy way to cure chocolate addiction!


05, 2009.
Want to get rid of those uncontrollable urges to eat chocolates? Well, all one needs is a tap on the head.A new therapy, called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), has claimed an 80 per cent success rate for overcoming chocolate addiction. And it involves a therapist tapping on meridian pressure points on the head, neck and arms - like acupuncture but without the needles. Many practitioners have reckoned it can help people overcome phobias and end addictions in just a couple of sessions. Lily Allen recently used it to help her lose weight, and even Madonna is rumoured to be a fan of the technique as well. Therapist Carey Mann, 37, quit a well-paid job in TV production to train in EFT after she overcame her own binge-eating problem using the treatment. And her clients now range from athletes who use it to beat pain to City workers hooked on cocaine. She managed to treat a patient's chocolate addiction in a single therapy session lasting over an hour. According to Carey, the treatment costing 80 pounds a time is a "magic bullet". "EFT works on the subconscious and as more than 95 per cent of what we do is subconscious, it's the most effective way to work," the Sun quoted her as saying, The treatment is so simple that clients carry on using it at home themselves, and a simple tap to the hand or wrist can easily control various types of cravings. Carey thinks most cravings can be eliminated in just two sessions.

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Zobu diegi APTEQ plus 30m

4.90 €

Fluoru un ksilītu saturoši zobu diegi. Ir pierādīta fluora un ksilīta pozitīvā iedarbība uz zobu veselību.

Ikdienā lietojot, zobu diegs noņem aplikumu, novērš zobu bojāšanos un samazina gingivītu.

Fluoru un ksilītu saturošs zobu diegs, mitrumā palielina apjomu un var notīrīt līdz 43% vairāk aplikuma, kā tradicionālie zobu diegi.

Apteq plus zobu starpu tīrītājs ir jauns produkts, kas sevī apvieno zobu diegu, zobu kociņu un ērtu rokturīti.

Zobu diegs satur fluorīdu un ksilītu, ar šo tīrāmo ir viegli un ērti iztīrīt zobu starpas no aplikuma un ēdienu paliekām.

Rullīti 30m.


Teststrēmeles Accu-Chek Glucose 50gb

21.50 €

Teststrēmeles AC Go Glucose glikozes noteikšanai asinīs ar analizatoru Accu-Chek Go.
Iepakojumā: 50 gab.
Ražotājs: Roche, Vācija.


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