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Changing your face - change your destiny


Face massage.
Eastern techniques In the sixth century BC, China had a massage institute. It is oriental facial massage that has the largest number of varieties. Do not be surprised if two specialists will offer you two essentially different techniques, under the same name. The thing is that oriental massage, unlike the western one, does not suffer from unification.

How many countries or even provinces in a single country, so many schools that have developed their own, absolutely unique facial massage systems.

1. Moroccan massage technique.
A great tool for rejuvenating in adulthood. It consists of two stages. The first stage is relaxing, performed with light pleasant touches and moisturizing cream. The second stage has a deeper effect on the tissues not only of the face, but of the entire décolleté zone. Peculiar lymphatic drainage and subsequent modeling of the oval face with the use of mineral water. In addition to the effect of rejuvenation, Moroccan massage has a curative effect during rehabilitation after previous procedures of aggressive peeling and subcutaneous injection of chemicals and gels.

2. Massage of Bali.

This type of massage refers to the famous Ayurvedic treatment system. It consists of a preliminary cleansing of the skin with the help of soft scrubs. Next, a point massage is performed. Acupressure massage not only has a lymph-drainage effect, but also activates energy centers. Then follows the stage of oil massage of the forehead and the area around the eyes. The procedure ends with an algae mask that intensively nourishes and soothes the skin. Bali massage is especially good for those who suffer from edema of the face, high blood pressure, anxiety or often experiencing stress.

3. Gouache massage.

This kind of massage came to us from ancient China. It is carried out with the help of tools that are completely unusual for a Westerner. Prepare for the fact that the master, first of all, will arm himself with magic plates made of jade or horn of a buffalo. Only these instruments are capable of performing the main task of the Gouache massage and carrying out facial plastic surgery without surgical intervention.
There are no plates of jade or horn of a buffalo - you got to the wrong place. This kind of oriental massage not only helps to eliminate wrinkles or scars on the skin. It also contributes to the overall improvement of the whole organism. Excellent fights with the notorious dark circles, high blood pressure, impaired cerebral circulation, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

4. Hand plastic face or Vietnamese massage
It is also called a reforming massage. Like most eastern techniques, it is used in combination with herbal decoctions and oils. Having decided to try the ancient Vietnamese massage, you will first get a good cleansing and moisturizing of the skin. The result is achieved with the help of vibrations and pattings.
Then comes the turn of light lymphatic drainage and deep elaboration of the muscles of the face. You will even be disappointed if there is such a need. The last stage is acupressure. In addition to the common effect for all types of massage, the Vietnamese reforming massage has a preventive and curative effect for chronic ENT diseases and vision problems.

5. Qigong massage (Tongren).
A unique type of facial massage with the help of Tongren (remote Qigong stimulation). For Tongren used a special therapeutic malleus and a mock head with points for acupuncture. Qigong master sitting in front of the client, a hammer or fingers, stimulates the zones (points, meridians) of the face on the doll for 10/20 minutes. This method allows for a short time, remotely, improve the shape of the face, remove swelling, smooth wrinkles and calm the mind. Before Tongren, the client himself, can apply a cream to his face and décolletage zone.
During Tongren, a cream or mask, will give a more complete effect. The uniqueness of this method is that for the Tongren action there is no need for direct contact between the Qigong master and the client. They may be in different cities and countries, but the Tongren effect will be equally strong. Some types of oriental facial massage can be done at home, independently. The main thing is not to overdo it. For example, a popular stone massage can cause a burn in inept hands. Therefore, it is better to choose those species that do not exactly cause any harm while you hone your skills.


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