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Acupuncture may help you through allergy season.


Although spring is always welcome after a long winter, it is also the time of year when many people suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. Seasonal allergies are due to an overreaction of the immune system to certain allergens or airborne particles such as pollen. Western medical treatment usually involves the use of antihistamines or steroids to control allergy symptoms. Unfortunately, allergy medications can cause a variety of side effects and may be ineffective to some allergy sufferers or are unwelcome to those who prefer to avoid medications when possible. Fortunately for many, acupuncture offers effective relief either as an alternative to conventional methods of treatment, or in conjunction with them. Treatment can help to alleviate symptoms, improve energy levels and may also reduce the frequency and severity of future allergic reactions. With Chinese medicine, the lungs, kidney and immune system often play a role in the cause of seasonal allergies. These allergies are very often due to a kidney deficiency because the kidneys are responsible for breathing as well as sneezing. The kidneys also play a role in our immune system so when the kidneys are weak, our immunity is affected. In the case of seasonal allergies, this manifests as a hyper-reactive immune response. The more severe the kidney deficiency, the more frequently the allergies are experienced—this includes non-seasonal allergies to things such as dust, fungus or animals. A kidney deficiency leaves the body susceptible to external environmental invasions, leading to an invasion of wind in the nose when allergy symptoms begin to occur. Wind-cold pattern will produce symptoms of sneezing, profuse runny nose with white-watery discharge, pale complexion, stuffed nose, slight headache and no thirst. Wind-heat pattern will lead to sneezing, runny nose with white-watery discharge, itchy throat, itchy red eyes and slight thirst. During allergy season, frequent acupuncture treatments focus on alleviating the symptoms experienced and often yield a quick response. Patients may notice a decrease in their nose stuffiness, sneezes and number of itching episodes around the eyes, as well as an increase in overall energy levels. Outside of allergy season, treatments may be less frequent and focus on correcting the underlying imbalance in order to strengthen the body and boost the immune system in order to prevent future allergic reactions from reoccurring. Some simple lifestyle changes can also make a tremendous impact on allergy symptoms. In addition to a health-promoting diet and avoiding allergy triggers, well-ventilated living and working environments and regular exercise to help cleanse and strengthen the lungs will help with allergy symptoms. Combined with such changes, acupuncture offers an effective tool for the treatment of seasonal allergies. For those who are looking for a natural alternative to conventional allergy treatment, it is well worth considering.


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Gels pret apdegumiem WaterJel 80ml

12.90 €

WaterJel atvelk silti no apdeguma pavarda, noņem sāpi, atvēsina ādu un aizsargā (dezinficē)  ādu.
Mēs zinām, ka nenozīmīgs apdegums var atgadīties jebkādā laikā, tādēļ WaterJel vienmēr jābūt blakus.


Depoforēzes ierīce ORIGINAL II

895.00 €

Depoforēze „Original II”
- ierīce endodontiskai ārstēšanai ar vara-kalcija hidroksīda Depoforēzes metodi

Depoforēžes metodes pamatā ir vara-kalcija hidroksīda izmantošana pateicoties izteiktām dezinficējošām īpašībām un efektīvai aizsardzībai ne tikai pret baktērijām un to sporām, kā arī pret sēnītēm un to sporām. Turklāt varam piemīt kaulu audu augšanu stimulējošas īpašības, kam seko osteocementa veidošanās un sakņu kanālu aizpildīšanās.

Depoforēze ar vara-kalcija hidroksīdu (turpmāk – Cupral®) balstās uz permanenti sterilas sakņu kanālu sistēmas veidošanu, tostarp sakņu dentīnu, kā arī daudzu atvērumu kaulu obturāciju.


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